UpperCrust-YukiSATOの公式オンラインショップ U's(ユーズ)はUpperCrust, YukiSATO, Youの「U」 そして英語で「私たちを」を意味する 'us' を表現 人と人とが繋がるステキな場所になりますように 'The U's' is a official web shop of the UpperCrust and this page is for YukiSATO products. 'U's' stands for the UpperCrust, YukiSATO, you,,,,,, and also 'us'. We hope this shop will be the place where all of us share the time and connect each other, and will be 'us' together. 〜Handkerchief is the Eco friendly Japanese Culture〜 Japanese loves handkerchiefs. When we reached age 3 or 4, most of us start to go to Kindergarten. And it is the very first time to meet and be with handkerchiefs. It is one of the items what kindergarten ask parents to prepare for their kid's new life in kindergarten. Since then, Japanese are with handkerchiefs. In a hot summer days, good enough to clear your face. In a cold winter days, we need something soon after when we wash our hands. Handkerchief is a part of Japanese lifestyle. We want bring some beauty on this handkerchiefs. Charming handkerchiefs may warm your heart in a winter. Smooth touch cloth with cool design can make you cool in a hot days. Handkerchief is not just a fashion item. It is a very important item for Japanese Eco friendly Cool lifestyle. Let's share this good habits and be cool or warm and be Eco friendly. main photo and individual photo are taken by Wataru YANASE